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Health Plan PCORI Fees Are Due July 31 - an update

Health Plan PCORI Fees Are Due July 31 - an update

We covered the PCORI Fees here last week and our friends at ThinkHR just posted an article to their blog that explains things in a slightly different way.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I have to hear things a few times from a few different voices before it truly starts to sink in.

ThinkHR has received many questions that someone might not think to ask, and they have answered them in the blog.  Also, check out the handy chart that the IRS (yes, I said "handy" and "IRS" in the same sentence) put together that shows which plans are and are not subject to PCORI fees.  There are even instructions on how to fill out the forms - WHAT??!!?? It's good stuff.

Here is the link to their blog and while you are there, check out their blog post on cybersecurity - yes it's one word and yes, it's important!  More on that here next week, so stay tuned! 


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