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Supreme Court Decision to Affect Coverage

As you have probably heard, The Supreme Court has recently ruled that all couples, regardless of gender, have a fundamental right to marriage.  This means that marriage is the law of the land, and each state must allow couples of the same gender to marry.  Same-sex spouses are now entitled to the same legal obligation, responsibilities, protections and benefits provided under state laws to opposite-sex spouses.

Additionally, this means that employers who offer health coverage for spouses will now be required to provide coverage to same-sex spouses if they aren’t already.  Here’s how this may affect your employer sponsored benefits…

  • If you already offered coverage for same-sex couples during the past open enrollment, then the spouse will need to wait until the next open enrollment to obtain coverage.
  • If coverage was not previously offered, the spouse will be able to go on the employer’s plan at the next open enrollment.
  • Newly married couples may add their spouse following the marriage as permitted under special enrollment guidelines.

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