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Top 10 Things I Learned This Summer

Top 10 Things I Learned This Summer

That’s it! The summer is coming to a close. It’s time to move on out. Below are the top ten things I learned in the past three months at Kuzneski Financial Group. There’s no way I could list everything, so I picked the ones that I think will help me in the future.

  1. Time is relative
    It’s great to plan meetings and keep track of your tasks and be super organized with your available time. But it’s not always easy to stick to that plan. I’ve learned this summer that priorities will change and expectations are then managed. That’s how time works. Spending the extra half hour with a client could mean a new sale or could simply reinforce our services. Spending the extra time in a meeting could mean a breakthrough in a project. Go with the flow and spend the time that’s needed for a task – not just the time you allotted for it.

  2. There’s no “I” in team
    We always hear this phrase, especially in sports. As corny as it is, it’s absolutely true. There is rarely a project done solo around here. If a client needs something, we are all working to ensure the best quality service comes across. As an intern, I was asked to help on many different things even if they weren’t solely marketing related. It helped me gain insight on our clients, services and the company as a whole.

  3. Be flexible but firm
    This was difficult to learn because it’s very finicky. There’s a fine line that you have to walk, especially as a temporary employee. Not everything you do will satisfy your supervisors and most of the time it takes a few revisions to get the desired end result. But sometimes it is good to explain why you did a project a certain way because it could shine some light for others. If you do your research and take the time to make sure it’s right, then make sure they know why you did what you did.

  4. Communication is key, but so is the right kind of communication
    Another corny saying. They may be cliché, but they are correct! Not only do you have to make sure there is an open line of communication, but knowing the best channel is also important. Some people prefer email; some people want phone calls. Everyone works differently and communicating with them is just as unique. While you may not be able to get everyone’s specific preferences, being conscious as to the best way of reaching out will certainly benefit you in the long run.

  5. Always figure out what you want for lunch before 11:30 a.m.
    Our inside joke will always be “So... Lunch?” Without fail, we would all “forget” our lunch and need to order in. This happened just about every day. But we learned pretty quickly that it takes time to decide what you’re in the mood for and then twice as long for the restaurant to make it. Always discuss first thing in the morning!

  6. Be inquisitive
    It’s so hard to look your boss in the face and say “I don’t know” or ask a question that you should probably know the answer to. But pretending you know is even worse! I learned that doing research is beneficial, but to ask when there are no more articles to read. So ask questions, but be informed.

  7. Don’t get frustrated
    Rarely will you complete a project perfectly in one try. We all know this. But don’t let that frustrate you! Take that energy and recycle it into trying again. I knew with all of my projects going in that it wouldn’t be a perfect first try like many of my other jobs had been like. I wasn’t going to know how to do everything. But that is the beauty of an internship!

  8. Stay motivated
    Summer is long but summer is short. I can’t believe I’m already done! It’s just enough time to learn about the building, company and what to do in your role, but not always enough time to get good at it. For me, I know I have had certain projects that drained me and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it after a few hours. But those are the tasks I feel most accomplished with after they are finally done. Staying optimistic even when it seems like it’s taking forever is the reason I’ve had such a positive experience here.

  9. It’s not all desk work
    No, I wasn’t fetching coffee or taking out trash. But when you work with people in an office, things need to get done. It’s not degrading or strange to help empty the dishwasher or move things around in the basement. If it contributes to a better work environment, why wouldn’t you want to help out? Not everything you do will be in your job description.

  10. Coworkers are your family
    Working in an office setting is very different from working at a place with different shifts and hours. You are with the same people in the same spots every day. Yes, I do get tired of seeing Paul through the two screens on my desk. Some days I do want a change of scenery. But this is a second home for all of us. We vent about our home lives and share photos. We talk about what we did over the weekend and what is happening in the coming weeks. We know each other. These people are the ones who taught me how to work at KFG but also how to work with others.

My summer experience at KFG was wonderful. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to intern here, even if I went into an interview without knowing it! I will forever be grateful for the lessons I learned here and I am happy to be sticking around for the fall semester!

Katie Fox

Katie was our marketing intern during the summer of '16. Since then, she has graduated from IUP with a BS in Marketing and in the spring of 2020, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

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