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Why More Businesses Need to Provide Internships

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to attend the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association (PVCA) luncheon. The speaker for the luncheon was the University of Pittsburgh’s new chancellor, Dr. Patrick Gallagher.

Gallagher, a former Acting Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, brought to the table years of experience and knowledge, helping PVCA members understand Pitt’s role in the innovation movement of Pittsburgh.

While Chancellor Gallagher had a lot of exciting things to share about collaborations with other schools, Pitt’s focus on technology and innovation and how Pitt differs from Boston or Silicon Valley, the most interesting part of the conversation for me, was when he started to discuss why more businesses need to offer internships.

As a resident and employee in a college town, nothing could have hit closer to home then his explanation of why more internships need to be offered. I often feel we aren’t doing enough to tap into the knowledge and learning of our local college students. Internships are important to the students, to businesses and the community at large. Here’s why.

  1. Companies want employees with experience. Students need experience. Internships offer students real life experiences that they are able to take with them into the professional world. Internships provide the experience of interviewing for a job, and once they are hired the experience of seeing what the “real world” is all about. Students with internships are now able to put real life jobs on their resumes.
  2. Businesses that provide internships benefit greatly. How might you ask? Fresh talent means new ideas, cutting edge skillsets and a new perspective. Even the most experienced employees need a refresher from time to time. By tapping into interns, businesses get to utilize the education of said interns. Plus, a good intern can turn into a good employee. What business doesn’t want someone who is moldable? Interns won’t have preconceived ideas on how something should work making them the perfect opportunity to shape them into your employee.
  3. Perhaps the biggest winner of them all is the community at large. By providing local internships and possibly hiring them on, means the talent gets to stay in the area. The next generation of employees is our future. Without fresh talent, ideas and workers, the community can’t evolve, grow or prosper.

Here at Kuzneski Financial Group, we understand the need for internships and the benefits of a good internship program. Call us today to see what opportunities may lie ahead for you or someone you know.

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Stephanie Rosenberger

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