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March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day!

March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day!

Your employees probably spend more of their waking hours with you than with their families. Isn’t it a good idea to show them your gratitude from time to time? After all, everyone likes to be appreciated. With a heartfelt “thank you” you can create a better work environment and happier employees!

This Friday, March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day. What a great time to show your appreciation for those that dedicate their time to make your business successful!

Here are a few ideas to show your gratitude:

  • Food: It is said that there is no such thing as a free lunch…. except on Employee Appreciation Day! Bring in muffins or fresh fruit in the morning, take your staff to lunch or order lunch in for everyone. Or how about an afternoon treat of cookies, brownies or a veggie trays (since we care about our employees’ health)! You can’t go wrong if you fill them with goodies – especially healthy ones!

  • A small gift: a gift card to a coffee shop, local store or a favorite lunch spot is a great idea. Or how about a gas card? Any small gesture is appreciated. After all, it’s the thought that counts! Try to support a client at the same time if you can! It’s a WIN-WIN!

  • Happy hour: a short after work happy hour is a fun celebration with staff but you might want to include an Uber gift card with that!

  • Time off: Why not let them leave early on Friday or give them a coupon that let’s them pick a day of their choosing to cut out early? More time with family is priceless!

  • A fun outing: plan to take them somewhere fun in the future or better yet, give them tickets to attend something on their own. Tickets to a sporting event, to the theatre or to your local movie theatre is always popular.

Don’t underestimate “words” of gratitude as well! Everyone needs to hear from you from time to time that they are doing a good job! In short, anything you do big or small, will be appreciated and will show YOUR appreciation for all their time and efforts.


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