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Things to Think About When Offboarding

So you’ve just received a letter of resignation or you’ve made the decision to let someone go. Now what? With any resignation or termination many feelings may occur.  Regardless, there are many things to consider with an employee’s resignation or termination so follow these “Things to Consider” to ease the Offboarding transition of any employee.

Let’s Meet. When someone resigns, the first thought should be, “I need to meet with…”.

A pow-wow of powers should come together to review, assign and track the offboarding process.

Legal. Resignations and terminations occur for a variety of reasons. To ensure that the end of an employee’s time with you is productive and as amicable as possible, make sure you know your legalese.

Coverage of Duties. Just because an employee is leaving doesn’t mean the work stops. Every company should have a succession plan for their employees but if you don’t, this is the time to divide and conquer the duties.

Internal Communication. When someone resigns, there are often whispers around the staff as to why and also a panic of new workload assignments. To prevent gossip and to keep morale high, communicate quickly to staff that the person is leaving and what the game plan is for the open position.

External Communication. When someone resigns or is terminated, communication with external vendors, clients, etc. is a good way to ensure there is not a lapse in communication between the external person and the company.

Final Days. At the end of the day, an employee’s final few days/weeks with you are still yours. So make sure you are getting from the employee what you need.

Next Steps. It is easy to say, “Let’s focus on getting the employee offboarded” and forget about the next steps. Almost immediately, there needs to be a game plan in place for replacing the employee, if the plan is to replace them, consider when, in what capacity, etc.


Remember, every situation is different. If you have specific questions on how to do something, please call us. We are here to help with not just offboarding but onboarding as well! You HR Solution is just a call away!

Stephanie Rosenberger

Stephanie has been a Client Advisor at KIG for more than 7 years, specializing in employee benefits and HR solutions. She loves cats and dogs, Yuengling (see picture at left), and spending time outdoors with her husband and 3 kids. She also volunteers at the Indiana County Child & Youth Services as a foster care advocate.

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