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"Biggest Loser" or "Biggest Mover"

I had a meeting this week where we were discussing wellness programs and some of the things different people have done.  Someone mentioned “Biggest Loser” competitions to which the client responded, “I prefer a 'Biggest Movers' competition.”  I loved it!  Wellness isn’t just about losing weight.  There are a lot of unhealthy skinny people out there.  Wellness programs should be about managing your overall health.  They should help you stop doing what is bad for you (like smoking) and promote doing what is good for you (like exercising or healthy eating).  They should help you evaluate everything from your sleep and eating habits, your stress level, how much time you spend working, playing, relaxing, and working out.  Wellness is finding a good, healthy balance for all of those things.

Wellness programs are also meant to promote prevention.  They should teach us that by doing a list of healthy things, you may avoid a list of health issues.  These programs should also promote having annual physicals, regular check-ups and screenings.  We are very quick to take our cars in for maintenance as soon as that little light comes on, but we don’t do it for ourselves.  Many of us know how many miles we have until that next oil change, but how many of us know our blood pressure or our cholesterol numbers?  A car, while an expensive piece of machinery, can be replaced.  We can’t.

I suggest we get up and we get moving.  Have walking meetings, take your phone call outside and walk the parking lot.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator and park further away from your office instead of searching for a parking spot in front of the door.  Someone who has trouble walking will appreciate that spot more than you. Walking helps your heart, your joints, it lowers your stress level, AND it burns a few calories.  Don’t be a Loser, be a Mover!

Be well!


Laurie Kuzneski

Laurie Kuzneski is Director of Client Development, and is the resident Culture Guru, funny girl, and often the voice of KIG. Laurie loves drinking wine, public speaking (preferably at the same time), talking about corporate culture, riding her bike, mentoring women-led companies (guy-led companies, too), and supporting many philanthropic endeavors. Laurie doesn't have time to write many blogs - to see why, check out her full bio on the About Us page.

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