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This is Your Do-Over

In golf, you can take a Mulligan. I have teenagers and upon occasion they say something and I ask if they’d like to take it back and try again.  Wisely, they’ve never turned down that offer of a second chance.   If, outside of a kickball game, someone said, you get a do-over, what would it be?  I think I would have trouble picking just one thing.  My best friend always says this about life, “This isn’t a dress rehearsal.”  We get one shot at this life, but what if we could get a do-over on our health, to make living this life better or make it last longer?  Would you take it?

I just started reading This is Your Do-Over by Dr. Michael Roizen, the Chairman of the Wellness Institute and the Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic.  This is Your Do-Over is said to be a “practical and empowering guide that shares the seven secrets to losing weight, restoring peak vitality, and regaining optimal health at any age.”  It goes on to say, “It’s never too late to get a second chance. You do not have to let genetics or bad choices of the past dictate your health outcomes. In fact, you have the power to change your health destiny—no matter how you’ve lived before.”  I’m intrigued; could I really erase that night in college that was full of tequila and peach wine coolers?  (My stomach just roiled.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t get anything for telling you about this book, but you should know I do have a little bit of a crush on Dr. Mike.  I was lucky enough to be a beta tester of his e-coaching program a few years back and I even got to go help him set up his Facebook page and teach him how to use it.  How crazy is that – he knows Oprah?

I really learned a lot during his program and loved that he walked the walk (10,000 steps a day) as well as talked the talk.  The program wasn’t all about losing weight –people can be skinny and unhealthy, it was about being healthy and active.  I felt better, I slept better and I was in the best shape of my life!  I felt like I could do anything.  I remember when I needed to have my mammogram redone because they "saw something".  All I could think until I got the results that everything was fine was, thank goodness I am this healthy!  Going into a fight of any kind is so much better when you are coming from a position of strength, not weakness.

I will admit I fall off the wagon at times.  And sometimes it’s hard to get back on – if only beating ourselves up burned calories, right?  So I am going to read on and share some tidbits of this Do-Over journey.  Maybe you’ll find them helpful?  Maybe you’ll start your own Do-Over?

Laurie Kuzneski

Laurie Kuzneski is Director of Client Development, and is the resident Culture Guru, funny girl, and often the voice of KIG. Laurie loves drinking wine, public speaking (preferably at the same time), talking about corporate culture, riding her bike, mentoring women-led companies (guy-led companies, too), and supporting many philanthropic endeavors. Laurie doesn't have time to write many blogs - to see why, check out her full bio on the About Us page.

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