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AlphaLab's Demo Day 13

We were proud to be sponsors of the AlphaLab’s Demo Day 13 at the Hazlett Theater in the North Side of Pittsburgh! It was a high-energy, exciting day as the CEOs of the 5 AlphaLab companies (Nebulus, Covey, Easely, Sitwith, and DataSquid) all pitched their companies like pros to a packed house.



Not only did AlphaLab unveil its current class, but it brought back some alumni as well to give an update.  It was great to hear Rick Cancelliere of Treatspace (, one of our favorite clients, talk about their growth, successes and their hiring plans. The fact that Rick shamelessly mentioned the highly competitive employee benefits package they offer to their employees comes from Kuzneski Financial Group was greatly appreciated, too, and yet another reason why he is a favorite of ours!



Our very own Director of Marketing, Laurie Kuzneski, was honored to be asked to introduce CEO, Vanessa Jameson, of Covey. Many people told Laurie that if her Marketing gig doesn’t work out, she should try stand-up. She swears she had no idea #thestruggleisreal was so funny.





Didn’t get to see Demo Day in person or online?  Check it out here.  Want to learn more about AlphaLab? Check out






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