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Virtual Insanity a Real Learning Experience

We at Kuzneski Insurance Group were excited about a recent opportunity to attend the annual Virtual Insanity Learning Academy, a two-afternoon webinar offered by True Network Advisors, of which we are a member. We value this partnership with True, so we made it mandatory for our employees. No email, no phones, no distractions for parts of two days. Continual learning is part of our fundamentals, such as Work on Yourself, Be Curious and Invest in Relationships.

True is an exclusive nationwide group of independent benefit consulting firms. KIG’s membership in True enables us and our clients to collaborate with the best minds in the industry to solve the most challenging problems we encounter. Members maintain deep roots in the local community, but have access to all the tools, resources, technology and negotiating strength of a national organization - a win/win!  

We can’t say it much better than this, from the True website: “By partnering with best-in-class organizations, True Network members are able to provide strategic solutions, uniquely tailored to their client’s needs. We build strong relationships by choosing strategic partners aligned with our commitment to collaboration and long term, strategic growth.”  

The point is, we rely on them a lot for advice in situations that may be new to us. It's nice to know we can leverage the expertise and services of more than 100 insurance brokers around the country. And when they have an event like this, it's always done well, so we knew we would get a lot out of it. And we weren't disappointed.

Sangram VajreTo kick things off, we heard from Sangram Vajre, co-founder of Terminus and bestselling author, who served as the webinar’s keynote speaker.  

There were a number of breakout sessions available to attend both days, on topics ranging from basic compliance terms to stop-loss trends, and from updates on broker transparency to marketing issues such as search engine optimization.  

Melissa Craig, Benefits Advocate at KIG, said: "One of the biggest takeaways that I had from one of the sessions that I attended is the number and level of resources specifically related to compliance that KIG has at their fingertips that we can use to help assist our clients.  

“Compliance is tricky for any business, so having those additional resources to be able to tell our clients about or put our clients in front of can be a huge advantage for not only us, but for our clients (getting them introduced to the real experts, giving them the tools and resources that they will need to stay in compliance, etc.) Some of the compliance partners that talked about their offerings were: 5500 Tax Group, Mineral (which we give to our clients as a value-add of our broker services), ACA Reporting Service, Compliance Dashboard and CXC Solutions.” 

To learn more about how we leverage the resources of True Network Advisors, click here. 

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