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All Work and No Play Makes Intern 2 a Dull Gal

All Work and No Play Makes Intern 2 a Dull Gal

We’ve all had times at work where the day drags on and closing time seems an eternity away. I’m sure we’ve also had days where there aren’t enough hours to finish the to-do list. It’s funny how a typical 8 hour work day can seem so long or short depending on the task at hand. For any of these days though, it’s important to have a good working environment to foster productivity and positivity.

This week I got to take a break from the office setting and help out with Miss Laurie’s Kids Cooking Camp. A bunch of little kids running around a kitchen? May not sound appealing to some, but I was overjoyed to spend the day helping kids understand basic cooking skills. Getting out of the office and spending time doing something not directly related to my job was a great break from the day-to-day life as an intern.

But we can’t always get a day off from the daily grind. Sometimes you never get out! What I’ve found is that an open workspace, great coworkers and a positive attitude help make work seem like a fun but productive hangout. I’ve completed a few internships and have had many jobs in the past years, so culture is not something I’m just learning about. I’ve worked in places where the people are nasty and the environment is hostile. I did an entire year of telecommuting. I’ve worked in offices with tons of stressed out people just trying to make it to the end of the day.

In many of these workplaces, there’s been some form of negative tone that brings down the whole operation. Culture is absolutely one of the most important things a company can define. Without setting a tone for the office or workplace, the employees are left to interpret dress code, attitude and communication.

But many businesses have thankfully caught on that millennials appreciate a good company culture and thrive in positive environments. Our generation is revolutionizing the workplace with new startups and matching that innovation with the way we work. It is easily one of the most fascinating shifts in job satisfaction the world has seen. With the push for happy workers and happy management, companies have to react accordingly with fringe benefits, open workspaces and finding “the right fit” from new hires.

Here at Kuzneski, I am lucky to have a close group of coworkers, a great family atmosphere and awesome opportunities. The slow days may be slow, but the busy days are the best working days I’ve had. I am constantly learning what environment I want to have in a permanent job and what kind of people I’d like to surround myself with. The office makes my internship well worth working the last summer before starting my career.

Katie Fox

Katie was our marketing intern during the summer of '16. Since then, she has graduated from IUP with a BS in Marketing and in the spring of 2020, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

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