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Dealing with Difficult People

Regardless of your line of work, when working with different personalities, backgrounds and experiences there at times can be conflict within the workplace.  Conflicts can be with co-worker, supervisor, a client, or maybe even yourself!  I recently attended a seminar titled “Dealing with Difficult People” to teach techniques to use in dealing with difficult folks in these situations. I’d like to share some of the information I learned to help you understand how to work through these conflicts.

Did you know?:

  • The average emotional age of an adult is equal to that of a 7th
  • 85% of career success is dependent on how you get along with others.
  • Face to face communication is perceived in the following manner
    • 7% words
    • 38% tone
    • 55% body language
  • Communication over the phone shifts the focus to the following
    • 13% words
    • 87% tone

So what can you do?:

  • QTIP - quit taking it personally!
  • Quit should-ing yourself – you have to deal with what people actually are, not what you think they “should” be.

I plan to take these tips and apply them to my daily routines, and I hope you can too.  But remember, this won’t work on everyone – some people are just crazy!

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