Getting Started is Easy Cost How Much??!!

I'm the first to admit we still need major healthcare reform beyond the Affordable Care Act.  Having a front row seat of this "train wreck" through the various hats I wear (KFG, International Myeloma Foundation, various angel investor groups, etc.), I've seen a lot of things that defy explanation or logic.  I've also come to realize that although the system definitely needs more fixing, there is no easy or inexpensive solution.  After seeing the mismanagement of, the idea that the government could do a better job of managing things if it had complete control over the entire system scares the you-know-what out of me.
The following article highlights both the outrageous cost of building a poorly functioning website, as well as all the politics and infighting that surrounds it.  Follow the link and ask yourself if you want all decisions around your, and your family's, health determined by bureaucrats who can't even build a decent enrollment system for $2+ billion...

Andy Kuzneski

Andy Kuzneski is President of Kuzneski Insurance Group, which offers insurance and HR solutions for growing companies and their employees. He is also Founder and President of Greyhawk Capital, a provider of equity capital and advice to seed and early stage growth companies, and has served on numerous boards of directors of both publicly-traded and privately-held companies, as well as numerous non-profits. In his spare time (what little there is) you can find him biking or skiing with his family, enjoying great food & drink, and reading science fiction.

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