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Still not sure if you should take the job? Here are some KIG work perks.

We get it, it's a big decision to take a new job, and you may be curious as to what the perks are of being a full-time KIG team member. Before you ask, we'll answer:

Company matched 401(k) plan: 

Roth and traditional 401(k) options available. You can even get wild and have both a traditional and Roth plan! 

Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage:

Full-time employees are eligible for medical, dental, and vision coverage. 90% of the premium for the individual is covered by KIG. HSA plan available. 

Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance: 

Full-time employees are eligible for these 100% employer-paid benefits. Employees can pay to add dependents to eligible plans. 

Identity Theft Insurance:

Protecting our personal data should be as important as protecting our clients’ data. ID theft insurance protects you in case your personal information is hacked or stolen. KIG pays 100% of the cost for individual and family plans. 

A Culture of Learning:

How can we provide the best service and mentoring to our clients if we ourselves do not believe in constantly learning? You're never too far along in your career to learn new things or strengthen your knowledge base. We believe it's important to invest time in education: whether you're attending a conference or watching a webinar, or getting one-on-one time with a team member to further your education. Additionally, we host Lunch n' Learns for our team so that we can stay on top of industry (and internal-KIG) standards. Culture check: if this paragraph does not resonate with you, then we are not the right fit!

Paid Time Off and Work Flexibility:

KIG strongly believes in the value of their employees having a great work-life balance.  This means taking the time to disconnect from work to spend time recharging with friends and family. Utilizing PTO is so important to us, it's in one of our fundamentals - #10 Make Healthy Choices. PTO begins to accrue at the start of your employment. 

Do you have an appointment or a child’s school event to attend? KIG offers the schedule flexibility that encourages their employees to step away to be a part of these things if they occur during the workday. No doctor's note or school musical program needed as proof. 

In exciting and slightly related news: between Memorial and Labor day, KIG will now be having Summer Friday's. During this time period, you can clock-out as early as 3 PM on Friday! 

Healthy Snacks & Beverages: 

Working at the office? You won’t go hungry at KIG! We have a plethora of healthy snacks (RxBars or fruit leather, anyone?) and several members of the team are proclaimed foodies that make use of the awesome in- office kitchen. Thirsty? An endless stream of filtered water for your stainless steel water bottle. A commercial-grade espresso machine that's just waiting for you to make a double latte. (Proudly serving Commonplace Coffee.) A ceremonial matcha set for those who prefer a more subtle caffeine rush. And don't worry - no prior knowledge of milk frothing or matcha whisking needed! 

Free Parking:

Seems pretty self-explanatory, no? 


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