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KIG Employee Testimonial: Chelsea Moore, Benefit Advocate

Read the full testimonial from KIG's newest team member, Chelsea Moore, who joined the team in March as a Benefit Advocate:

"You’ll love working here! We have the best culture and team! How many times do prospective hires hear these phrases during the interview process? If you’re anything like me, you've heard this almost every time and almost every time the opposite of those statements proved to be true.
So, in complete transparency, I will say that when I heard similar (but not exact) sentiments from those that I interviewed with at KIG, I was suspicious due to past experiences; but I accepted the offer and even before my 1st day, the team made me feel welcome. They scheduled a happy hour so that I could meet the team in a low stress setting (the 1st day at a new job is ALWAYS stressful). It was clear during that hour and a half just what KIG had built with their team. Everyone talked freely and interacted with ease, while never failing to learn about me and include me in their conversations.  
The drive to my office on the first day was nerve racking, and I still wasn’t sure, do they REALLY mean what they say? That first week consisted of an introduction to not just the Kuzneski Way (the fundamentals that are woven into the culture), but individual lunches with team members and an introduction to the business and what my future responsibilities would be.
Typically, when you start a new job, there’s an orientation, some time spent with the HR, and then you’re thrown into the mix, and it feels a lot like trying to drink from a firehose. I wrapped up that week with a renewed sense of purpose: not only did I make the best decision for myself, but this was a group of people that loves what they do and where they work.  
As the weeks followed and I began to get more involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of my job and the “newness” began to wear off, I still wondered, “is this when the other shoe drops?” But months in, I can still attest that it hasn’t happened yet. It’s not often that employers provide their employees with a sense of trust, and at KIG, it was clear early on that they trust their employees.
Organizations typically discuss a flexible work environment as a recruiting tactic to get you in the door and, once you’ve onboarded, it’s actually a culture of fear if you use that flexibility. It was clear early on that KIG not only listens generously but trusts their employees; and it’s easy to see that the trust is reciprocated. Do you have to leave early to take your child to the doctor? Not only is it completely fine - and a question not necessary to ask - but no over-punctuated explanation (or doctor’s note) is necessary.  
Recently, I experienced a moment that solidified the statement that not only does KIG constantly seek out ways to improve, but they institute the feedback and ideas they receive from their employees. A question was posed to me: what would make KIG the BEST place that I’ve ever worked?  So, I considered the question for a few days, and thought of some benefits that would send this already stellar culture to the top of the list, and I scheduled a meeting with Andy and Claire [Kuzneski].
As a newer hire to the team, I just assumed that I’d meet with them to discuss my ideas, I’d be placated, and the ideas would die in the conference room. To my shock and excitement, this was not the case. How did that meeting end? With Andy completely on board with instituting Summer Fridays and a floating holiday for employees to use for their birthday or other special day. If I needed another example to solidify the culture and environment at KIG, this was the last I’d ever need. 
KIG means what they say, cares about their employees, and has one of the best cultures that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.  
Is my schedule busy? Yes. Do I work hard? Yes, but, is the team supportive, helpful, and also wants to see me succeed? 100% yes."

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