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When Employees Follow Their Passion

When Employees Follow Their Passion

We often joke in our office that we want our people to be passionate about what they do, because we don't want to have to check them for a pulse.  As a matter of fact, that is listed in all of our job postings and it is an important part of our culture.  We love that our employees are passionate about what they do while they are in our office, and we love when they follow their passions outside of the office.

Recently, Stephanie Rosenberger and her husband, Josh, shared their story about being foster parents, adoption and helping addicted babies amidst the opioid epidemic with the Indiana Gazette. The article was quickly picked up by the Associated Press and even ran in the LA Times.  By telling their story, they are inspiring and helping other families who want to foster or adopt children; and not only are they shedding light on a system that is overwhelmed, they are working hard to ease some of the burden.  We are proud of the parents they are and of their beautiful family.  If you have have questions about how to become a foster parent, or about adoption, we know Stephanie would be happy to share her experience and point you in the right direction.  You can contact her at our office.

Encourage your employees to be passionate; they might just change the world.

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